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A warm visit in Alaska

A warm visit in Alaska: 

It was early in a September morning that (located on the edge of Anchorage) was suddenly awakened by an outburst of noise along his front porch. Taking caution, he assumed that it was an intruder.

Newton also the Sacramento Bee: “So we get wildlife coming through all the time.It’s not the first time I’ve been woken up by wildlife on the deck.” However, to his surprise it was a family of eight Lynx cats, one mother and seven cubs. 

Lynx are shy and secretive animals by nature and spotting only one of them on a random encounter is a rare occasion. So when Tim saw that there were right of them on his deck. He immediately took action by shooting some great up close photos of these elusive felines.  Luckily for us and readers at home, Tim Newton was well prepared for this encounter as he is no stranger to the lens and wildlife photography as he said:”Normally when you see a lynx, you have just enough time to get your camera out, and then they’re gone. So I was thrilled I could get a couple of pictures, as they played on the deck.”

The shots themselves reflect the innocence and playful carousing of the kittens or in Tim’s own words “ They were using my deck for a playground.”

This whole encounter lasted about 40 minutes, before they were all led back into the forest by the mother.

However, it should be noted that Canadian Lynx normally have a maximum of four cubs per litter. Therefore giving new hope for the future of these reclusive animals. Tim believes that it will be difficult to top thus experience, but anything is possible for a wildlife photographer living in Alaska.

Here you can find more about Tim and his work

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